Assessments for Health and Weight Management

Assessments and Counseling

Health and Behavioral Assessments

Health and Behavioral assessments are performed with patients whose primary diagnosis is a medical condition and not a mental health condition. If you are preparing for spinal cord stimulator placement or bariatric surgery, your health care provider may refer to this as a “psych evalua­tion” required prior to surgery.

These assessments focus on the biological, psychological and social factors affecting the patient’s physical health and evaluate the readiness of the patient to undergo certain medical treatment procedures.

We have built solid relationships with Twin Cities bariatric surgeons and are proud of our expertise on issues surrounding morbid obesity.

For bariatric patients or for those interested in weight management we offer:



Health and Behavioral Assessments prior to bariatric surgery.



Health and Behavioral Counseling pre- and post-bariatric surgery, or for non-surgical candidates interested in working on behavioral changes to support weight loss.

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