Health Care Professionals

Psychological Evaluations, Health and Behavioral Assessments, Individual Therapy and Health and Behavioral Interventions

Health Care Professionals

Medical professionals often refer for Individual Therapy or Health and Behavioral interventions related to depression, heart disease, anxiety and health-related fears, chronic pain, headaches and stress, hypertension and stress, fear of medical procedures, loss of mobility due to chronic illness or accident, cancer, and various chronic conditions.

We accept referrals for:


Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations of cognitive, adaptive and personality functioning. We receive many requests to evaluate for ADHD both in adults and children or to evaluate the psychological effects of medical problems in patients.


Health and Behavioral Interventions

Health and Behavioral Interventions to modify the psychological, behavioral, cognitive, and social factors affecting the patient’s physical health and well being. Examples include increasing the patient’s awareness about his or her disease and using cognitive and behavioral approaches to initiate physician prescribed diet and exercise regimens, or other lifestyle changes.


Individual therapy

Individual therapy for people suffering from depression, anxiety or adjustment chal­lenges secondary to loss of health, physical trauma or whose mental health problems affect medical treatment adherence and health-promoting behaviors.


Health and Behavioral Assessments

Health and Behavioral Assessments for bariatric and spinal cord stimulator placement patients, and others diagnosed with a medical condition. Having worked with most bariatric surgeons in the Twin Cities for several years, we are very experienced in health and behavioral assessments required prior to surgery. We also provide health and behavioral intervention to promote adherence to weight control/management.

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